Emergency Contacts - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Emergency Contacts

When to call the duty officer

Minnesota Duty Officer Contacts

Weekdays: 651-649-5451
Toll-Free: 1-800-422-0798
Satellite Phone: 1-254-543-6490

Be ready to provide the following information when contacting the Minnesota Duty Officer:

  • Name of caller
  • Telephone number for call-backs at the scene or facility
  • Have local officials been notified of incident
    (fire, police, sheriff)
  • Date, time and location of the incident
    (will need specifics)
  • Materials and quantity involved in the incident
  • Responsible party of the incident
    (trucking firm name, property or business owner name, etc.)
  • What kind of assistance is requested
    (informational, specialized team assets, etc.)
  • What has happened or what is happening

Other MDH Emergency Resources

  • MDH Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Prevention and Control Division
    651-201-5414 (24 hour) or 1-877-676-5414 (24 hour, toll-free)

  • MDH Foodborne and Waterborne Illness Hotline
    • To report a suspected foodborne or waterborne illness toll-free call:
      1-877-FOOD-ILL (1-877-366-3455)

    For questions, see:

For Non-Emergencies:

  • MDH Main Receptionist:

  • MDH Communications Office:

  • MDH Food, Pools and Lodging Services (FPLS) Program:
    (for food supply safety and security)

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