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Minnesota Pool Code Rule Revision

August 23, 2021: Notice of Adoption for Rules Governing Public Pools – The new language will be effective on February 23, 2022, 6 months after the publication of the Notice of Adoption.

The Notice of Adoption for the Rules Governing Public Pools was published in the State Register on August 23, 2021. You may review the Notice of Adoption on the Minnesota State Register website, State Register Volume 46, Number 8 .

Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has amended Minnesota Rules, 4717.0150 – 4717.3975. Some of these changes will simplify the pool and spa plan review process for licensees. Other changes are intended to increase the level of public health protection by preventing potential accidents or minimizing unnecessary chemical exposures that may have an adverse effect on pool and spa users. These rule changes will make understanding Code requirements easier for the vast majority of licensees. We are maintaining the same or a stricter level of public health protection as established by the current Code.

  • Rule Language
  • Minnesota Department of Health Adopted
    Permanent Rules Relating to Pool Operations


  • [For text of subparts 1 to 4, see Minnesota Rules]

Subp. 5. Operator training. The owner or operator must ensure that the designated trained operator is trained to operate the pool in compliance with parts 4717.0150 to4717.3975.

  • [For text of items A to D, see Minnesota Rules]

E. Acceptable training courses are:

  • (For text of subitems 1-3, see Minnesota Rules)

(4) the Aquatic Training Institute Certified Pool Technician course; or
(5) the Human Kinetics Starfish Aquatics Institute Aqua Tech course.

Statement of Need and Reasonableness (PDF)
The statement of need and reasonableness contains a summary of the justification for the proposed rules, including a description of who will be affected by the proposed rules and an estimate of the probable cost of the proposed rules.

If you have any questions regarding the rule revision process, please contact Linda Prail, Rule and Policy Coordinator at either linda.prail@state.mn.us or 651-201-5792.

If you have questions regarding revised rule requirements, please contact Steve Klemm, P.E. at either health.swimmingpools@state.mn.us or at 651-201-4503. 


Contact Us for questions or comments regarding the possible rule amendments.

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