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Public Swimming Pools

The Minnesota Department of Health administers the Minnesota Pool Code (Minnesota Rules, Parts 4717.0150 to 4717.3975) and conducts plan review and inspection of pool construction or alteration.

A "public swimming pool" includes any pool, other than a private residential pool, operated by any person whether the person is an owner, lessee, operator, or concessionaire.

A “private residential pool" means a pool connected with a single-family residence or owner-occupied duplex, located on private property under the control of the homeowner, the use of which is limited to family members or the family's invited guests. A private residential pool is not a pool used as part of a business.

Licensing Jurisdiction

If a pool has water that looks unclean, or unsafe, you should not swim in it. If you suspect that a pool does not meet public pool water standards and could possibly cause a waterborne illness, please report the pool by contacting MDH or the responsible agency at:

Waterborne Illness

If you suspect that you have become sick with a waterborne illness, please contact the hotline at: 1-877-366-3455

Requirements for Public Pool Owners and Builders

Requirements for pools are contained in the Minnesota Pool Code (Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4717). Some of the Minnesota Pool Code requirements include:

  • Plan Review: The construction or alteration of a pool requires submittal and approval of plans and specifications. Plan review requires a fee. Construction cannot begin before plans are approved.
  • Construction: Pools must be constructed in accordance with the appropriate construction standards
  • Personnel Training: Pools must be operated and maintained by trained personnel.
  • Recordkeeping and Reporting: Operation and maintenance recordkeeping and reporting is required.
  • Equipment & Signage: Lifesaving equipment and Signage is required.
  • Access and Fencing: Access to Pools must be controlled to prevent unintended access.
  • Water Sanitation and Condition: Pool water must be controlled and maintained in a safe manner.

Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Rentals Frequently Asked Questions

Local Authorities (such as Ramsey county, the Cities of Bloomington and Minneapolis) have additional requirements for pool construction, inspection and operation, so you should also check with them if you are building a pool.

Your local city building official will regulate the construction of a Private Residential Pool (the one in your backyard). The Cities of Bloomington and Edina Environmental Health Departments will also conduct a full health and safety review and inspection of a "Private Residential Pool."

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