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Important Notes for MWI Users

The Minnesota Well Index (MWI) provides information about wells and borings in Minnesota. The MWI provides basic information, such as location, depth, geology, construction and static water level, for many wells and borings drilled in Minnesota. It by no means contains information for all the wells and borings and the absence of information about a well on a property does not mean there is no well on that property. To successfully use MWI, please note the following:

  • Due to security concerns, wells supplying public water systems are not displayed in MWI. If you need access to information about public wells, please contact Hannah Wilson at hannah.wilson@state.mn.us.
  • Recommended Web browsers for this application are:
    Google Chrome (45 or higher)
    Internet Explorer (9 or higher)
    Mozilla Firefox (38 or higher)
  • This application is designed for larger screens, such as those found in tablets, laptops, and personal computers. A screen resolution of 1280 by 1024 or higher is recommended for optimal display.

  • Please note that unverified wells can be shown and accessed through MWI. Users need to understand that the location of these wells is not accurate.

  • The application uses web mapping and therefore may be slow to load, depending on your connection speed. Please be patient.

  • MWI does not support the use of "Back" or "Forward" commands. Instead, use the navigation within the application. See the navigation outlined in the image below. Choose Help to see frequently asked questions about how to use the application.

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