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Well Management Program

Approximately 70 percent of all Minnesotans rely on groundwater as their primary source of drinking water, and one million Minnesotans rely on private wells. Wells and borings used for drinking water, irrigation, industry, groundwater monitoring, heat pumps, hydraulic elevators, and other purposes must be properly constructed, maintained, and sealed (filled with an impervious material) when removed from service, to protect both public health and our invaluable groundwater resources.

The Well Management Program

  • Establishes standards for construction and sealing of wells and borings ("Minnesota Well Code").
  • Licenses contractors who construct, repair, and seal wells and borings.
  • Administers permits and notifications to construct and seal wells and borings.
  • Inspects the construction of new wells and borings, and the sealing of old wells and borings.
  • Follows up with property owners after property transfer to seal unused wells.
  • Maintains records on wells and borings.
  • Provides information, training, and technical assistance to contractors, other professionals, and the public.
  • Responds to well and well water quality problems caused by groundwater contamination events and natural disasters such as floods.

Delegated Well Programs

  • Since 1987, the Commissioner of Health has had the authority to delegate specific responsibilities for the regulation of water wells, monitoring wells and/or dewatering wells to local boards of health (Minnesota Statutes, chapter 103I.111).
  • Currently, nine boards of health (covering eight counties and two cities) have responsibility for wells within their jurisdictions.
  • These delegated programs provide local permitting and inspection of well construction and sealing.
  • Delegated programs may charge fees that are different from state fees and may have more stringent requirements for construction and sealing.
  • Delegated Well Programs in Minnesota.


  • "Minnesota Well Management News" is a semi-annual newsletter published by the Well Management Section of the Minnesota Department of Health.
    • Minnesota Well Management News provides updates on statute and rule changes, well code interpretations, listings of continuing educational opportunities, and feature stories about wells, borings, and drilling contractors in the state of Minnesota.

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