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Drinking Water Operator Certification
Exam Study Materials

The Water Supply System Operator Examinations are comprised of five levels, Class A-E, with A being the highest level. The exams are closed book, time allowed is three (3) hours, each exam has 100 multiple-choice questions, and math formula sheets will be provided. There are some recommended reference sources listed below. In addition we also have lists available on subjects that each operator classification needs to know. If you would like a copy please Noel Hansen at 651-201-4690. The training materials available to you, along with your operating experience and common sense, should help you pass the certification exam.

Recommended Reference Sources

Minnesota Class E Study Guide. Contact Noel Hansen at 651-201-4690 or the Minnesota Rural Water Association (MRWA)

Minnesota Class D Study Guide - The Minnesota Department of Health study guide provides information about chemical addition, math and much more. The Class C and D conversion table is at the back of the study guide. Contact MDH (Noel Hansen at 651-201-4690) or the MRWA.

Minnesota Rural Water Association (MRWA): Minnesota Water Works Operations Manual

For study materials you can also go to the bookstore at American Water Works Association.

The Association of Boards of Certification also has a useful list of exam references, including the Class A and B conversion tables.

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