Suicide Prevention Awareness Month - Minnesota Department of Health

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September 2021

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. This Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, we hope to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention while celebrating life and promoting hope. While suicide prevention is important to address year-round, Suicide Prevention Awareness Month provides a dedicated time to come together to talk about suicide. Suicide prevention efforts seek to reduce factors that increase the risk for suicidal thoughts and behavior, and increase the factors that help strengthen, support, and protect individuals from suicide.

Use the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Social Media Toolkit (Word) and the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Email Toolkit (Word) for messages to edit and share with your community.

All organizations and people are invited to use the toolkit. Service organizations, nonprofit organizations, businesses, local health departments, faith-based organizations, and schools can all join in.

Things you can do:

Share suicide prevention messages on social media. Use the hashtag #YouMatterMN to follow along.

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