Data Available

The HCCIS database maintains financial, utilization, staffing, and services data for research on the cost and use of hospital and related services in Minnesota. Financial data is reported for the hospital and for the institution, for those hospitals that are affiliated with another institution. MDH maintains HCCIS data beginning in 1987, to allow researchers to evaluate industry trends.

Currently, 127 acute-care (76 Critical Access), 10 Specialized, and Psychiatric hospitals; 82 Freestanding Outpatient Surgical Centers, and over 800 Diagnostic Imaging Facilities (include Dental Facilities operating a Cone Beam CT) report data to HCCIS. Data can be downloaded from this site (see HCCIS Data Set Format (PDF) of the data) or by contacting health.hccis@state.mn.us for a custom report.

Quality Assurance:

Extensive audits are conducted to assure reporting compliance. Data extracts are available only after the Minnesota Department of Health is assured the databases are reflective of accurate and consistent reporting by hospitals, surgical centers, and imaging facilities.

Process for Amending Hospital Data (PDF)

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