Health Care Cost Information System (HCCIS)

Hospital and Provider Data

Health Care Cost Information System (HCCIS)

The Minnesota Health Care Cost Information System (HCCIS) was established in 1984 to provide accurate and reliable information about the financial, utilization, and service characteristics of hospitals and freestanding outpatient surgical centers in Minnesota. In 2003, Diagnostic Imaging Facilities were added to this data collection. The financial and statistical data are used to make public policy decisions, to implement the hospital medical care surcharge, and to assist facilities in comparing their financial, utilization, and services information to aggregated data and other facilities.

Statutes and Rules related to HCCIS

Minnesota Statutes, sections 144.695 - 144.703, 144.562, 144.564, 62J.321, 144.565, 144.1225 and Minnesota Administrative Rules, Chapter 4650

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