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Infant Mortality in Minnesota

Infant mortality, the death of an infant in the first year of life, has a profound impact on families, extended families, and communities and serves as an important indicator of the health and well-being of a population.


Minnesota Infant Mortality Data Book 2012 (PDF)This data book provides trends in infant mortality in Minnesota. The source of these data is the linked birth and death records of infants who died before their first birthday and were residents of Minnesota when they were born and when they died.  The birth record is linked to the death record to gather as much information possible on the experience of the mother and infant during pregnancy and at birth. These data are presented by the year of the infant’s birth not year they died. 

Minnesota Infant Mortality Data Book by Race and Ethnicity (PDF) This report provides statewide data in infant mortality including infant mortality rates by age of mother, race of mother and birth weight of infant by race/ethnicity of mother.

The Birth Certificate and Medicaid Data Match Project: Initial Findings in Infant Mortality
This report describes infant mortality by Medicaid status and race/ethnicity of mother in Minnesota.


Infant Mortality Data Sources

Minnesota Health Statistics Annual Summary
The Minnesota Health Statistics Annual Summary is a report published yearly, ten to eleven months following the close of a calendar year. A broad range of summary statistical data for the state of Minnesota, as well as some county-level data, is presented including infant mortality.

Minnesota County Health Tables
The Minnesota County Health Tables is an annual compilation of public health data for Minnesota and its 87 counties. Five-year infant mortality rates by county are included in the natality section.

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