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Breast Cancer in Minnesota

Breast Cancer in Minnesota

People who use screen readers or those who want the full data and messaging should use the Excel spreadsheet version of the dashboard.

Breast Cancer Dashboard Data and Messaging (Excel)

Access the Breast Cancer Data dashboards below by clicking on a topic.

Breast Cancer in Minnesota Women
Incidence over time
Incidence map (2015-2019)
Incidence data (2015-2019)
Mortality over time
Mortality map (2015-2019)
Mortality data (2015-2019)
Number of women living with breast cancer
Stage at diagnosis
Rates by race and ethnicity and stage at diagnosis
Cancer deaths by race and ethnicity
Rates by region
Incidence rates by SCHSAC region (2015-2019)
Mortality rates by SCHSAC region (2015-2019)
Rates by SCHSAC region data (2015-2019)
Survival data
Risk factors
Screening recommendations and resources
Screening data
Cancer prevention and data resources

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