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Reporting Cancer to MCRS

For nearly 30 years, the Minnesota Cancer Surveillance System (MCSS) made it possible for Minnesota to better understand and quantify the substantial impacts of cancer in our state, communities, and families. Importantly, public health professionals, clinicians, legislators, and associations like the Minnesota Cancer Alliance and the American Cancer Society have used descriptive data on cancer occurrence to prioritize, plan, and fund cancer prevention and control activities in our state.

To continue to meet the need for data-informed programs and policy, and support cancer research in the 21st century, Minnesota implemented a new cancer registry system, called the Minnesota Cancer Reporting System (MCRS). The new system became operational on May 1, 2017, and will remain an indispensable source of cancer data in efforts to control and prevent cancer in Minnesota. A new name was required to emphasize the significantly increased potential and capacity of the completely redesigned system, as well as the two-way nature of reporting in MCRS: medical providers report data to MCRS, and MCRS analyzes and reports meaningful statistics to Minnesotans.

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