High Blood Pressure Prevalence

Cardiovascular Health Indicator
Measure: High Blood Pressure Prevalence

Indicator Date of Most Recent Measure Current Measure Trend
Percentage of adults who have been told they have high blood pressure 2019 26.1% Stable


  • In 2019, 26.1% of Minnesota adults reported that they have been told they have high blood pressure by their doctor or another health professional, impacting approximately 1.1 million people.
  • From 2011 through 2017, Minnesota’s high blood pressure prevalence was lower than every other state.
  • More than half of Minnesota adults aged 65 or older reported being told they have high blood pressure.
  • In 2019, 75.7% of Minnesota adults with high blood pressure reported taking a blood pressure medication.
  • Minnesota adults who have a disability were more likely to report having high blood pressure than adults who are not disabled—especially those with disabilities impacting mobility, self care, and independent living.
  • More than one third of adults who experienced 14 or more poor mental health days reported having high blood pressure.

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