Heart Disease Death Rate

Cardiovascular Health Indicator
Measure: Heart Disease Death Rate

Indicator Date of Most Recent Measure Current Measure Trend
Age-adjusted mortality rate due to heart disease 2020 118.1


  • Heart disease is the second-leading cause of death in Minnesota, responsible for 16% of all deaths in 2020. This is a lower proportion of overall deaths than is typical, as COVID-19 became the third-leading causing of death in 2020.
  • Minnesota’s heart disease death rate has been lowest of all states since 1999, and is 30% lower than the United States average in 2020.
  • In Minnesota, American Indian people die from heart disease at much higher rates than every other race and ethnic group, at more than 50% higher than Minnesotans overall. These disparities in deaths are rooted in historical inequities that have persisted in the United States and Minnesota for many years.
  • Heart disease deaths have been dropping for decades, but this trend has stopped. In 2020, there were more than 1,400 additional deaths due to heart disease compared to 2010 (up almost 20%), but the overall heart disease death rate hasn't changed much.

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