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Minnesota Stroke System

A coordinated statewide system of care ensures all hospitals are equipped and ready to provide the best care possible for all Minnesotans. The Minnesota Stroke System was officially launched in April 2014. The Minnesota Department of Health partners with the American Heart Association, hospitals, EMS agencies, and many others to implement this coordinated system of care for Minnesota.

We designate facilities as Acute Stroke Ready Hospitals, Primary Stroke Centers, and Comprehensive Stroke Centers. In addition, we train emergency medical service (EMS) providers to recognize the symptoms of stroke and take patients quickly to hospitals for fast treatment.

About Stroke Hospital Designation

As of August 2020, MDH has designated 115 stroke hospitals. 89 percent of the state’s residents now live within 30 minutes of a designated stroke center. 

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Designation Application and Deadlines

Minnesota Stroke System hospitals are designated on a semi-annual application cycle.

Acute Stroke Ready Hospital (ASRH) Designations are effective for three years. ASRH designation applications are due:

  • April 1 (Effective date July 1)
  • October 1 (Effective date January 1)

Primary Stroke Centers (PSC) and Comprehensive Stroke Centers (CSC) are to submit a designation application upon receiving updated certification documents from their accrediting body. Cycles vary.

For any questions related to your facility’s designation deadline, or to apply for designation, please contact the Minnesota Stroke Program at call (651) 201-4095 or health.stroke@state.mn.us .

Resources: Find all of the documents, tools, guidance documents, and resources produced by the Stroke Program for our partners.

Minnesota Stroke Program Staff

Albert Tsai • Program Lead • 651-201-5413 • albert.tsai@state.mn.us

Nicky Anderson • Stroke System Nurse Specialist • 651-201-4095 • nicky.anderson@state.mn.us

Ally Fujii • Stroke Registry Coordinator • 651-201-3934 • allyson.fujii@state.mn.us

Michelle Gray Ansari • Stroke System Outreach Coordinator • 651-201-4097 • michelle.gray.ansari@state.mn.us

Mimi Amelang • Evaluation Specialist • 651-201-5627 • mimi.amelang@state.mn.us

Kay Herzfeld • Stroke Transitions of Care Coordinator • 651-201-4093 • kay.herzfeld@state.mn.us

Julie Hoffer • Research Analyst • 651-201-4527 • julie.hoffer@state.mn.us

Catherine Johnson • EMS Coordinator • 651-201-4094 • catherine.johnson@state.mn.us

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