Influenza Vaccine Information For Health Professionals - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Influenza Vaccine Information For Health Professionals

2018-19 Minnesota Fall Flu Guide (PDF)
Summary of the 2018-19 influenza vaccination recommendations. Updated 9/2018

  • Storage and Handling
    Guidelines to ensure that patients receive viable vaccine and that valuable doses of vaccine don't go to waste because of improper storage and handling.
  • CDC: FluVaxView
    Influenza vaccination coverage for the U.S. estimated by CDC.
  • PRAMS Issue Brief (PDF)
    Influenza Vaccination Among Pregnant and Postpartum Women in Minnesota: The Importance of the Prenatal Care Provider.

Additional Resources

  • Immunization Best Practices
    Information and resources for managing vaccine, screening and assessing patients, educating patients, administering vaccine, documenting vaccinations, and billing.
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