Home Care License and Registration Renewal

Home Care License and Registration Renewal

License and Registration Renewal

Home care licenses and home management registrations are renewed annually. Licensees/registrants will receive renewal information approximately 60-90 days prior to the expiration date of their licenses/registrations. If you do not receive a renewal letter within 30 days prior to your expiration date, please contact HCALP.

Home Care Licenses

Home care licenses are renewed online. Your renewal letter will have the login information you need to complete the online renewal.

HCBS Designation (Integrated Licensing)

Licensees with the HCBS designation will renew the designation at the same time as the home care license renewal. If you wish to drop the HCBS designation, you must notify MDH in writing prior to completing your online home care license renewal.

Home Management Registrations

Home management registrations are renewed via a paper application. We will mail you the application before your expiration date. Complete the application and return it with your application fee and supporting documentation, as required.

Temporary Licensed Home Care Providers

Temporary licensed home care providers must pass an initial full survey before they can receive a license. Temporary licensees must inform the Department of Health within five days of beginning to provide home care services. (Please note that home management services are not considered home care services.)

Once we receive notification that you are providing home care services, we will conduct an unannounced on-site survey. During and after the survey you will receive further information about any compliance issues and your license status. If the license is granted, you will receive renewal instructions.


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