State Survey Process for Home Care Providers

State Survey Process for Home Care Providers

Temporary License Surveys

Temporary licensees must pass an initial full survey during the temporary license period. If the temporary licensee is in substantial compliance with home care laws a license is issued; if not, the license is denied.

License Surveys

Licensees are surveyed on a frequency of at least once every three years. Survey frequency is based on the license type, the provider’s compliance history, the number of clients served and other factors determined necessary by the department to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of clients and compliance with the law.

Types of Surveys

There are five types of surveys:

  • Initial full surveys
  • Core surveys
  • Full surveys
  • Follow-up surveys
  • Complaint investigations

For more information on the types of surveys and the survey process review Minnesota Statute 144A.474 Surveys and Investigations.
Learn more about the types of surveys here:
Home Care Survey Definitions

Resources for State-Licensed Home Care Providers

Providers can find information about the survey process and resources, including tools that can be used to understand state requirements and conduct self-audits.
Home Care Provider Survey Readiness Resources

Medicare Certified Home Health Agencies

Medicare certified home health agencies (HHAs) can find information about HHA surveys and survey results at this link:
Federal Certification Process for Home Health Agencies

Home Care Provider Survey Results

Consumers, providers and the general public can search for individual providers’ survey results using the search tool at the link below.
Home Care Provider Survey Results

Trends Found on Survey

The department posts correction orders issued at survey quarterly.
Quarterly Correction Orders

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