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EMS Funding and Finances

Financing options for your service may seem bleak, but many fundraising opportunities (including grants) go unnoticed. Additionally, many EMS organizations are eligible for federal, state and corporate grants, but do not apply thinking they do not qualify. Consider designating a volunteer grant writer for your service.

Below are also resources to managing budgets and finances for your service.

Budget tools

Finding grants

The Office of Rural Health and Primary Care offers a range of grants, some of which can support EMS activities:

Additional sources to check:

Fundraising ideas

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association's Fundraising Ideas for EMS and First Responders

Some fun and profitable ideas to try include bingo nights, raffles, stew suppers, barbeques, chicken plate sales, spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfasts, senior dances, comedy nights, cops vs. EMS tournaments, 5K races, turkey trots, Christmas wreath sales, mass mailing fund drives, bake sales or secondhand sales.

Requesting funding from local government

EMS Cost Saving Calculator

Writing grant proposals

Recruit a volunteer grant writer for your service, or find out the basics for writing your own.

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