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Birth and Fetal Death Registration Information for Hospital Staff

In Minnesota, the State Registrar maintains the statewide vital records program and the Minnesota Registration & Certification System (MR&C). MR&C is used to electronically register births, fetal death reports and deaths that occur in the state and issue certified copies of birth and death certificates to eligible requesters.

What's New?

November 6, 2019, GovDelivery: Fetal Death Reporting - Policy Change

Minnesota Birth Facility Report Cards

The Office of Vital Records developed the interactive Birth Quality Reports to provide performance feedback to birth facilities and staff who register births. The one-page reports summarize the timeliness and completeness of selected birth registration items reported by a facility. Aggregate data for all birthing facilities in Minnesota is presented for comparison. Facility births registered with missing data are compared to all births in the state and to the National Center Health Statistics quality threshold.

Minnesota Birth Record Filing Timeliness

Has your facility met and maintained the timeliness in registration goal? See data by facility, for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019, in Birth Record Filing Timeliness by Facility and Year (Excel). The data for 2019 is for filed records only. Some records remain unfinished at this posting.

Birth Registrar Training

Birth Certificate eLearning

The Office of Vital Records (OVR) expects new birth registrars to complete the one-hour birth certificate eLearning module within six months of becoming an MR&C user. This course is available online at any time.

The birth certificate eLearning module, Applying Best Practices for Reporting Medical and Health Information on Birth Certificates, is designed to educate clinical and non-clinical providers of medical/health information for the birth certificate or the report of fetal death. The course was developed by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) at CDC, in collaboration with the National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems (NAPHSIS), and several individual jurisdictions, one of which was Minnesota.

The module offers information about the importance of, and best practices for, reporting birth certificate and fetal death information. It informs data providers about the important role they play in improving maternal and infant health data and identifies resources available to assist them in their role. Through interactive training, the course assesses their knowledge on the topic of proper birth and fetal death registration, and, for those who successfully complete the course, continuing education credits (CMEs, CNEs, CEUs, CPHs) and certificates are available!

Classroom training

The Office of Vital Records offers Birth Registration 101 (PDF) once each quarter. Seating is limited and registration is first come first served. There is no fee for the class but you must pay for your travel and parking. Sign up at Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Learning Center.

For assistance on registering for a class and creating a learning center account see Register for MDH Learning Center Class (PDF).


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