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The Best Source of Data for Mothers and Babies.



PRAMS survey responses supplement data from birth certificates and are used to help plan and assess maternal and child health programs on a state level. Because PRAMS data are populationā€“based, findings from data analyses can be generalized to the entire stateĀ“s population of women who gave birth.

Minnesota PRAMS Data Requests

To request Minnesota PRAMS data, submit a data request.

Use the Topic Map to easily identify survey questions for a particular topic and determine which years the question was asked in the survey.

For Researchers

Visit CDC’s website for more detailed information about submitting proposals for studies involving multiple states.

Minnesota Data Sharing Agreement for External Researchers

National Data

See how Minnesota data compares to other states. You may access PRAMS data from 2000-2011 through the PRAMS Data Portal  or view selected PRAMS indicators from 2012-2015.

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