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Minnesota statewide health assessment

2017 Minnesota Statewide Health Assessment PDFThe 2017 Minnesota statewide health assessment (PDF) gives us a picture of health and well-being across the state of Minnesota and within our communities. It answers these questions:

  • Who is healthy? Who is not?
  • What conditions shape health for different populations in Minnesota?
  • What do we have—and what do we need—to assure that all people in Minnesota can enjoy healthy lives and healthy communities?

The assessment shares selected data on people, opportunity, belonging, and nature to tell the story of health in our state. It can support health improvement efforts ranging from community planning to community organizing, from developing organizational policies to statewide laws. It highlights many opportunities for action to ensure that every person in every Minnesota community is healthy and thriving.

This assessment is the result of a collaboration led by the Healthy Minnesota Partnership and supported by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Community members, partners, and public health staff from around the state helped develop the assessment by answering surveys, participating in webinars, attending meetings, and by reviewing and providing input on a draft report in the summer of 2017. In response to the assessment’s findings, the Healthy Minnesota Partnership and MDH will prepare a statewide framework for action in 2018.

We encourage you to reference and borrow from this assessment for your organization’s efforts to improve health and advance health equity. It may be particularly helpful to organizations preparing local community health assessments.

Suggested citation: Minnesota Department of Health. (2017). 2017 Minnesota Statewide Health Assessment. Produced in collaboration with the Healthy Minnesota Partnership. St. Paul, MN.


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  • Statewide health assessment updates: 2018 (PDF)
    During 2018, Healthy Minnesota Partnership members and their partners worked on a number of key public health issues and community assets identified in the 2017 Minnesota statewide health assessment. At Partnership meetings, members and others discussed the new data and information these reports provide and how these contribute to increased understanding and action on these important issues. Links to the reports (in meeting summaries and in this document) allow the Partnership and others to incorporate this information into their own actions to improve population health and health equity.


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The 2017 Minnesota Statewide Health Assessment was produced in collaboration by the Minnesota Department of Health and the Healthy Minnesota Partnership. This report was supported by funds made available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support, under Federal Award Identification Number (FAIN) NB01OT009130. The content in this report is that of the authors, and does not necessarily represent the official position of or endorsement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.