Publications from the Healthy Minnesota Partnership - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Publications from the Healthy Minnesota Partnership

Healthy Minnesota Partnership 2021 policy framework (PDF). Adopted in December 2020 by the Partnership, and presented at the February 2021 meeting. Issues include paid family and medical leave, universal broadband and virtual access, and housing stability.

Narratives and health equity: Expanding the conversation: Using a public narrative approach can help us expand conversations with our partners across sectors, to include the social and economic conditions that shape health and well-being and to suggest actions to advance health equity.

Healthy Minnesota 2022 statewide health improvement framework: The Healthy Minnesota 2022: Statewide health improvement framework is an approach to advancing health equity that focuses on improving the conditions that create health.

2017 Minnesota statewide health assessment: The 2017 Minnesota statewide health assessment gives us a picture of health and well-being across the state of Minnesota and within our communities. It answers these questions: Who is healthy? Who is not? What conditions shape health for different populations in Minnesota? What do we have—and what do we need—to assure that all people in Minnesota can enjoy healthy lives and healthy communities?


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