Program Contacts: Environmental Health Division - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Program Contacts
Environmental Health Division

Minnesota Department of Health
625 Robert Street N
P.O. Box 64975
St. Paul, MN 55164-0975

Environmental Health Contact List by Topic

Website Phone/Email
Air Quality Air Quality Contacts
Asbestos 651-201-4620
Beaches and Recreational Waters 651-201-4500
Biomonitoring Program 1-800-205-4987
Certification Food Manager 651-201-4500
Children's Environmental Health 651-201-4899
Clean Water Fund Phone: See, CWF Contacts
Climate and Health 651-201-4899
Disasters and Emergencies See: Emergency Contacts
Drinking Water Protection 651-201-4700
Food, Pools, and Lodging Services Section 651-201-4500
Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitarian 651-201-4500
Fish Consumption Advice 651-201-4911
Fish Consumption Contacts
Food Business Licensing 651-201-4500
Hazardous Sites and Substances 651-201-4897
Health Impact Assessment (HIA) 651-201-4899
Lead Poisoning Prevention 651-201-4620
Lodging in Minnesota 651-201-4500
Manufactured Home Parks 651-201-4500
Meth Lab Program 651-201-4926
Pesticides 651-201-4899
Public Swimming Pools 651-201-4503
Radioactive Materials 651-201-4400
Radon 651-201-4601 or
Recreational Camping Areas 651-201-4500

Risk Assessment

Sanitarian/Environmental Health Specialist 651-201-4500
Tracking Program 651-201-5662
Water Contaminants 651-201-4899
Well Management 651-201-4600
X-ray 651-201-4545

Additional Contact Information

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