Draft Health Risk Limits Rules Amendments - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Health Risk Limits: Draft Rules

March 2021

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) promulgates Health Risk Limits (HRLs) Rules for chemicals in groundwater used as drinking water. MDH is currently in the process of rulemaking. See Rules Amendments - Overview and Links for more information.

The underlining and strikethrough used to show rule language additions and removal cannot be discerned by many assistive technologies. We have therefore created a version of the Health Risk Limit Rules amendments in a different format, available from the second link below.

Note that these draft rules are subject to change as the rulemaking process progresses.

Draft Health Risk Limits Rules amendments (PDF), Office of the Revisor. Changes are shown with underlining for language to be added and strikethrough for language to be removed.

Draft Health Risk Limits Rules amendments (PDF), unofficial version by MDH. The content is the same as the version from Office of the Revisor, but the presentation is different. The language to add and remove is indicated by words like "Change," "From" and "To."

Please contact us at health.risk@state.mn.us with questions.


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