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Health Risk Limits Rules for Groundwater
Request for Comments

January 2021

Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has published a Request for Comments in the Minnesota State Register for the Health Risk Limits (HRL) Rules Amendments. MDH is currently considering adopting new HRL values for 13 groundwater chemical contaminants and updating 17 existing HRL values. The updates to the existing HRL values would be achieved by repealing the outdated HRL values and replacing the repealed values with more recently calculated values. The 30 chemicals being considered for the HRL Rules amendments can be viewed on the Health Risk Limits Rules Amendments - Contaminants webpage. Each chemical name is linked to an entry on the Human Health-Based Water Guidance Table that provides the chemical guidance values and other information.

The Request for Comments is the first step in the rulemaking process and an opportunity to obtain input from stakeholders. MDH will be accepting comments during this initial comment period until at least March 22, 2021. More information, including a copy of the draft rules amendments and the Statement of Need and Reasonableness, will be available at later time. Another more formal comment period will be announced later after these materials are available. We will provide notifications about these updates on this website and through our subscription email service. To sign up, please click on "Get Email Updates" in the top right corner of this page.

A copy of the Request for Comments can be obtained on the Minnesota State Register website.  You may also contact MDH to request a copy of the Request for Comments by mail or email. MDH welcomes and encourages comments on these amendments from interested persons or organizations. To submit oral or written comments or for questions, please contact:

Nancy Rice
Minnesota Department of Health
625 Robert Street North
P.O. Box 64975
Saint Paul, MN 55164-0975
Phone: (651) 201-4923

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