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Current Health Risk Limits Rules for Groundwater

Minnesota Rules, chapter 4717

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) promulgates Health Risk Limits (HRLs) Rules for chemicals in groundwater used as drinking water. MDH rulemaking was authorized under the 1989 Groundwater Protection Act. Rules were promulgated in 1993, 1994, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2018. MDH is initiating rulemaking in 2020 to amend the HRL Rules. Please see Rule Amendments - Overview and Links for more information. To view existing MDH water guidance, which include HRLs, please see the Human Health-Based Water Guidance Table.

Administrative Rules
The Health Risk Limits are established in Minnesota Administrative Rules, Parts 4717.7810 through 4717.7900, as listed below.

4717.7810 Health Risk Limits; Purpose and Scope.
4717.7820 Definitions.
4717.7830 For Toxic Effects Other Than Cancer.
4717.7840 For Cancer.
4717.7850 Use of Maximum Contaminant Levels.
4717.7860 Health Risk Limits Table.
4717.7865 Health Risk Limits for Triclosan.
4717.7870 Evaluating Concurrent Exposures to Multiple Chemicals.
4717.7880 Multiple Chemical Health Risk Limits: Noncancer.
4717.7890 Multiple Chemical Health Risk Limits: Cancer.
4717.7900 Chemical Breakdown Products.
4717.7500* 1993-94 Health Risk Limits.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: HRLs listed in this Part are in effect unless superseded by a newer HRL. Check Part 4717.7860 before using a value from Part 4717.7500, or use the Human Health-based Water Guidance Values Table to find the appropriate value.

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