Standards most in need of improvement - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Standards most in need of improvement

After completing the organizational assessment, a community health board prioritizes the three national public health standards most in need of improvement within its organization. The community health board may use these priorities internally to inform strategic planning and other improvement efforts.

Community health boards do not need to submit the three standards most in need of improvement to MDH.

When MDH looks at agencies’ standards most in need of improvement as a whole, it allows for a statewide snapshot of organizational need, and can inform training and technical assistance needs.

Although community health boards submitted their three standards during past Assessment and Planning cycles, MDH does not require them during the current cycle. Community health boards may still wish to complete this assessment as good organizational management practice.


MDH assistance

MDH has designed all Assessment and Planning guidance to help community health boards meet national public health standards developed by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB).

Staff from the MDH Center for Public Health Practice can help you perform an organizational assessment. To contact MDH, visit: Help and Technical Assistance.


Prioritize standards most in need of improvement

Review your organizational assessment, and note which standards you have rated the "lowest," as not demonstrated or slightly demonstrated.

If your community health board has noted more than three standards in need of improvement, consider which are most important to your organization’s functioning, and how feasible it would be to improve the standard(s).

You can use these standards to help steer strategic planning and quality improvement planning processes.