Local public health assessment and planning cycle: 2015-2019 - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Local public health assessment and planning cycle: 2015-2019

Given the intense focus on COVID-19, deadlines for the following items are postponed indefinitely: 2019 LPH Act annual reporting (finance, staffing) and 2015-2019 LPH assessment and planning deliverables (CHIP, strategic plan, etc.). There is no need to submit a formal extension request. Information on future deadlines for these will be provided as the COVID-19 situation evolves. REDCap forms remain open and we will continue to accept emailed deliverable documents.

All Minnesota community health boards must participate in assessment and planning to determine local public health priorities and focus local resources.

Diagram: Local Public Health Assessment and Planning Cycle

These phases and deliverables were developed through a state-local partnership process, and are based on recommendations from the State Community Health Services Advisory Committee (SCHSAC). The assessment and planning process allows community health boards to meet state statutory requirements, and aligns with Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) national public health standards.


Help and technical assistance with assessment and planning

Staff from the MDH Center for Public Health Practice can help you with assessment and planning. MDH will continue to provide technical assistance, such as training, tools, and one-on-one help in meeting deliverable requirements. MDH will also provide targeted support for monitoring and revising the strategic plan and community health improvement plan.

CHA/CHIP Community of Practice: Join the MDH CHA-CHIP Community of Practice to build capacity around conducting, developing, and implementing a community health assessment (CHA) and community health improvement plan (CHIP).

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