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Community health board contact information

You can update your community health board's contact information online any time in REDCap. You do not need to wait until LPH Act annual reporting is open to update your information. The REDCap form to update your information is open year-round.

How to update your contact information

  1. Log In to REDCap to update your community health board's contact information
  2. If you are a CHS administrator, you will see a line called "CHB Contacts" under "My Projects" on your main screen.
  3. Enter contact information in REDCap for the positions noted below

Need help with REDCap? Visit: Help with REDCap for LPH Act annual reporting

Contact information fields in REDCap

You can find more information on these positions in the Local Public Health Act (Minn. Stat. § 145A).

  • Community health board
  • Local public health department(s) in the community health board
  • Community health services administrator
  • Authorized agent of the board (CHS administrator is a required agent of the board; listing additional agents is optional)
  • Community health board chairperson
  • Public health director (comprises the top-level agency public health leadership position; title may vary based on agency’s organizational structure)
  • Medical consultant
  • SCHSAC member and alternate (appointed by the community health board to serve on the State Community Health Services Advisory Committee, or SCHSAC)
  • Methamphetamine contact information for county/city local health departments in Minnesota