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Afghan Clinical Guidance
Center of Excellence in Newcomer Health

In August 2021, over 100,000 Afghan nationals were evacuated from Afghanistan to transit locations overseas and to eight military bases in the U.S. Evacuees included people who worked alongside the U.S. in Afghanistan, as well as other vulnerable groups. Most people were evacuated with their families. As part of Operation Allies Welcome (OAW), evacuees were housed on military bases in temporary, communal living facilities called Safe Havens where they received medical and immigration screening and were processed for relocation and resettlement in communities. Subsequently, the evacuees moved to states across the U.S. where they are receiving domestic health examinations and other health care services.

In March 2022, the OAW shifted to Phase 2 of its response. Afghan arrivals arriving during Phase 2 will be coming from overseas, some with a brief layover at a processing center. These arrivals will be completing their medical examinations overseas prior to entering the U.S and notifications will be sent via EDN.

Brief overview for clinicians caring for Afghan new arrivals

The workgroup has produced a brief overview that highlights the cultural and language considerations, potential health concerns, history and content of prior health screenings, and access to health care when they resettle in their final destination.

Brief Overview for Clinicians Caring for Afghan New Arrivals (PDF)

Health screening and care

  • CareRef: Clinical Assessment for Refugees
    CareRef is a tool that guides clinicians through conducting a routine post-arrival medical screening of a newly arrived refugee to the U.S. The output of this tool is based on the current CDC Domestic Refugee Screening Guidance. CareRef recommends screening tests and other preventive care based on the demographic and geographic factors that contribute to risk.
  • Afghan Evacuees Health Resources
    University of Minnesota and Minnesota Department of Health partnership to develop a coordinated resettlement response to Afghan new arrivals.

CDC guidance for clinicians caring for Afghans

Webinars and trainings

Household health and safety

Health profiles

Translated materials

Benefits and eligibility

Other resources

SIV holders

For general health information on newly arrived SIV holders please see the following publications: 

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