Weekly Influenza and Respiratory Activity: Statistics - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Weekly Influenza & Respiratory Activity: Statistics

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Updated 5/23/19

Weekly influenza statistics


Unlike other reportable diseases, MDH does not request that every case of influenza or every patient who goes to the doctor with influenza symptoms be reported to MDH. Tracking each case would overburden health care providers as well as MDH, without significant benefit. Instead, MDH uses several different surveillance programs to determine the burden of influenza disease in Minnesota each week (influenza-like illness [ILI] outbreaks at schools and long-term care facilities, outpatient/clinic visits for ILI, laboratory-confirmed influenza in hospitalized patients, and laboratory testing for influenza and other respiratory disease).

Additional surveillance data

Other influenza data and statistics

Updated Thursday, 23-May-2019 09:34:31 CDT