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MDH Health Care Homes invites you to find the latest news on upcoming events, webinars and other important information related to MDH Health Care Homes.

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The MDH Learning Center has a new, updated look with improved graphics, navigation and search capabilities. Immediately noticeable is a “Netflix” like display of training opportunities, and the absence of left hand navigation, which has now moved to the upper right hand corner. Search globally, by category, or by curriculum type along with other options. View the new features (PDF).

Emerging Professions

Emerging Professions is a new e-learning course developed in partnership with the MDH Office of Rural Health and Primary Care. In this course, you will learn how community health workers, community paramedics and dental therapists can enhance your practice and better serve your patients. You will also learn where to find qualified candidates, how to write job descriptions and how to build them into your practice.

Register for the Emerging Professions course.

Fundamentals of Care Coordination

HCH is excited to introduce Fundamentals of Care Coordination, a multi-lesson foundations course that covers the principles and practices of effective care coordination. Like other HCH e-learning courses, the care coordination course is free and consists of short lessons so you can select topics of interest and complete lessons in manageable chunks of time. HCH Practice Improvement Specialists provided subject matter expertise and resources for the course.

Register for the Fundamentals of Care Coordination course.

Do you need CEU’s?

Upon completion of the course and evaluation, you will receive a confirmation of credit hours that you may submit to your licensing board for CEU credit. Visit the MDH Learning Center for more information and registration (required). NOTE: To register on the Learning Center, you must first establish a user profile and password.

The Minnesota Department of Health announces the following clinics as newly certified Health Care Homes:

  • Avera Health: Avera Medical Group Tyler
  • Avera Health: Pipestone Medical Group

Find currently certified Health Care Homes on the HCH Interactive map.

Health Care Homes is excited to offer the Health Care Homes Customizable Patient Brochure Template in Spanish and Somali languages. These brochures are for providers to use with their patients.

For more information visit Health Care Homes Patient Brochure Template webpage.

Funding opportunities to support health reform and innovation.

There are no funding opportunities at this time. Please check back in the future.

The Health Care Homes program published a Request for Comments in the State Register on September 24, 2018, stating that the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Human Services are requesting comments on possible amendments to the Health Care Homes rule.

For more information visit the Health Care Homes Rulemaking webpage.

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is awarding Learning Community Partnership grants to three organizations totaling $81,906. The grants support advancing the work of Health Care Homes (HCH) through partnering with a local public health agency and a behavioral health organization in a Learning Community to address shared goals to improve the health and health outcomes of a community. The grants are intended to increase and strengthen partnerships between primary care, local public health, behavioral health, and other community-based organizations through the use of data and information to support shared population health goals. The award will fund activities from September, 2018 through June 30, 2019.

The organizations selected for this award are:

  • Lakewood Health System, Staples, $30,000
  • North Memorial Health, Robbinsdale, $23,214
  • North Metro Pediatrics, PA, Coon Rapids, $29,692

For more information visit the HCH Learning Collaborative Request for Proposals webpage.

The Minnesota Departments of Human Services and Health (DHS and MDH) contracted with the State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC) at the University of Minnesota to conduct a study of the costs of HCH care coordination for adults.

Using a case-study approach, the study targets six non-acute primary care clinics in Minnesota that are HCH certified.

Read the Minnesota Health Care Home Care Coordination Cost Study (PDF).

The Health Care Homes (HCH) and Integrated Health Partnerships (IHP) brief overview (PDF) introduces both programs and describes how HCH certification is fundamentally structured to support value-based care arrangements (such as IHPs).

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has released a report updating the status of Minnesota's 15 Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) as they strive to improve health across the state. Accountable Communities for Health meet the clinical and social needs of a population through community partnerships and person-centered, coordinated care across a range of providers. Minnesota is evaluating whether the model of care providers and communities working together results in improvements in quality, cost, and experience of care. About $5.6 million, or 14 percent, of Minnesota's State Innovation Model funds are dedicated to 15 ACH grant projects.

The report, Advancing Health Equity (PDF)"Accountable Communities for Health: Perspectives on Grant Projects and Future Considerations", includes the following highlights:

•An overview of the Accountable Community for Health model
•A summary of successes and challenges as the efforts completed more than half of their 2-year funding cycle
•Examination of similar approaches in at least four other states, and
•Recommendations and considerations for developing the model in the future

Please visit the Accountable Communities for Health page of the Minnesota Accountable Health Model website to download a copy of this report.

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