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MDH Health Care Homes invites you to find the latest news on upcoming events, webinars and other important information related to MDH Health Care Homes.

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New - Integrating Primary Care and Behavioral Health: Approaches and Strategies

Learn about the best practices in integrated care and see how Minnesota-based primary care and behavioral health providers are building them into their practices.

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New - Prediabetes: A Time to Act

One in three American adults has undiagnosed prediabetes. Left unchecked, prediabetes can lead to heart attack, stroke and Type 2 diabetes. The good news is that lifestyle changes can stop or slow prediabetes. This course looks at prediabetes through the lens of population health, including screening, identifying risk factors and how community partnerships can aid prediabetes management.

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New - Sailing Toward Success with Telehealth

For many organizations, COVID-19 has been a catalyst in adoption of telehealth. Whether your organization is just starting or on your way, this course will help you chart your voyage with information, tools, and resources to advance your telehealth practice. All aboard!

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The Minnesota Department of Health announces the following clinics as newly certified Health Care Homes:

  • CCM Health - Clara City
  • CCM Health - Clarkfield
  • CCM Health - Milan
  • CCM Health - Montevideo
  • Cuyuna Regional Medical Center - Crosby

Find currently certified Health Care Homes on the HCH Interactive map.

Health Care Homes is excited to offer the Health Care Homes Customizable Patient Brochure Template in Spanish and Somali languages. These brochures are for providers to use with their patients.

For more information visit Health Care Homes Patient Brochure Template webpage.

Funding opportunities to support health reform and innovation.

There are no funding opportunities at this time. Please check back in the future.

The Health Care Homes program published a Request for Comments in the State Register on September 24, 2018, stating that the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Human Services are requesting comments on possible amendments to the Health Care Homes rule.

For more information visit the Health Care Homes Rulemaking webpage.

The Health Care Homes (HCH) and Integrated Health Partnerships (IHP) brief overview (PDF) introduces both programs and describes how HCH certification is fundamentally structured to support value-based care arrangements (such as IHPs).

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