Home Care Licensing

Home Care Program Staff

The Home Care Program is headed by a program manager who, in addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the program, works with providers, trade associations, consumers, state agencies and county agencies to ensure that all voices are heard.


Health program representatives (HPRs) work with providers through the licensing process to ensure that applicants and providers meet the statutory requirements to hold a home care license in Minnesota. This team of HPRs is also responsible for helping providers understand Minnesota home care statutes. They work with the program manager to assess the need for statutory changes, review home care trends and needs in Minnesota and help to ensure that protections are in place for consumers of home care and home management services.

On-Site Survey

Home Care surveyors and program supervisors conduct surveys of licensed providers throughout Minnesota. Each surveyor is a licensed RN.

The intent of the on-site survey is multi-focused: evaluate the quality of home care service delivery, assure that accepted health care, medical or nursing standards are practiced, clarify and evaluate compliance with home care statutes, and provide education and resource information to providers.

Administrative Support

A team of office administrative specialists work with the health program representatives, the nurse surveyors, program supervisors and the program manager to facilitate communications with callers, correspondence, renewals of licenses, data management, scheduling of surveys and all of Home Care program functions.

If you are interested in job opportunities with the Home Care Program, or other positions at the Minnesota Department of Health, visit the website:

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