Home Care and Assisted Living Changes of Ownership

Home Care and Assisted Living Changes of Ownership

Minnesota home care law does not permit the transfer of a home care license. If a home care provider is selling an agency, the buyer must apply for a new home care license.

A change of ownership is a transfer of operational control to a different business entity and includes:

  • transfer of the business to a different or new corporation;
  • in the case of a partnership, the dissolution or termination of the partnership under chapter 323A, with the business continuing by a successor partnership or other entity;
  • relinquishment of control of the provider to another party, including to a contract management firm that is not under the control of the owner of the business' assets;
  • transfer of the business by a sole proprietor to another party or entity; or
  • in the case of a privately held corporation, the change in ownership or control of 50 percent or more of the outstanding voting stock.

If you are considering purchasing or are purchasing a home care business in Minnesota, you must file the appropriate license application with the Minnesota Department of Health and pay the application fee.

Submit applications to the Home Care and Assisted Living Program at least 60 days prior to the sale of the business.

Change of Ownership Applications:

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