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International Medical Graduate (IMG) Program

The Minnesota Department of Health is supporting the integration of international medical graduates (IMG) through the implementation of the International Medical Graduate Assistance Program. The Minnesota Legislature established this program, in 2015 Minnesota Session Laws, Chapter 71, Article 8, Section 17, to address barriers to practice and facilitate pathways to assist immigrant international medical graduates (IIMG) to integrate into the Minnesota health care delivery system, with the goal of increasing access to primary care in rural and underserved areas of the state.

IMG Program Legislative Reports:

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The Minnesota Department of Health is required to:

  • Develop and maintain a voluntary roster of IIMGs interested in entering the Minnesota Health workforce.

  • Develop clinical readiness assessment of eligible IIMGs to serve in a residency program.

  • Award grants to nonprofit organizations to provide career guidance and support services to IIMGs seeking to enter the Minnesota health workforce

  • Award grants to support clinical preparation for Minnesota IIMGs needing additional clinical preparation or experience to qualify for residency.

  • Award grants to support primary care residency positions designated for Minnesota IIMGs who are willing to serve in rural or underserves areas of the state.

  • Collaborate with graduate clinical medical training programs to address barriers faced by IIMGs in securing residency positions in Minnesota

  • Explore and facilitate more streamlined pathways for IIMG to serve in non-physician professions in the Minnesota Workforce.

  • Study in consultation with the Board of Medical Practice and other stakeholders, changes necessary in health professional licensure and regulation to ensure full utilization of IIMG in the Minnesota health care delivery system

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