STAC Mission and Vision – Minnesota Department of Health

State Trauma Advisory Council Mission and Vision

June 2007


The Minnesota Statewide Trauma System, a Department of Health program, is a voluntary, inclusive network of currently trained and equipped trauma care providers throughout the State ensuring that optimal trauma care is available and accessible everywhere.


All Minnesota hospitals will participate in a fully funded trauma system that:

  • Is of the highest quality
  • Is seamless across the continuum of care (prevention, care delivery, rehabilitation)
  • Is safe, timely, efficient, patient-centered, and patient-driven
  • Uses outcome data and continuous clinical quality improvement to evolve
  • Allows many trauma patients to be treated in their own communities
  • Eliminates all delays in transfers to definitive care
  • Is embraced and valued by citizens and policymakers
  • Is fully integrated into the disaster preparedness and public health systems


  • A trauma care system that is based on obtaining the best outcomes for injured patients
  • Is mindful of overall system costs and scarce specialist resources
  • Data-driven, in-house trauma performance improvement (PI) programs will guide trauma care in every designated hospital
  • A supportive environment for hospitals, which allows for site-based education that is realistic, affordable, and accessible
  • The system will allow for existing referral patterns
  • Over-triage is better than under-triage