STAC Executive Committee – Minnesota Department of Health

State Trauma Advisory Council
Executive Committee


The Executive Committee consists of the STAC chair and vice-chair and is responsible for conducting the interim business of the STAC. The Chair, in consultation with staff, determines the need to include other STAC members on an ad hoc basis based on their availability, interest and/or expertise in the topic of interest before the Committee. Members of the Executive Committee must be STAC members.

Meeting Schedule

The Executive Committee meets via teleconference as needed. Those interested in listening to the meetings should contact the trauma system coordinator for instructions.

August 25, 11:00a.m.—12:00p.m.

Standing Members

Michael McGonigal, M.D.
Level 1 Trauma Surgeon
Thomas Pahl, PA–C
Vice Chair
Rural Physician Assistant
Rick Breuer
Rural Hospital Administrator

If you have questions regarding the STAC executive committee, contact the trauma system coordinator.