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Breastfeeding Information for Child Care Providers

Help Babies Grow Up Strong and Healthy

Helping babies grow up strong and healthy is what early care providers are all about. Supporting breastfeeding can benefit your center or home.

Early care providers play a critical role in supporting moms who breastfeed

Most employed mothers return to work in their babies’ first year of life, giving child care providers a critical role in supporting employed mothers who breastfeed.

Breastfeeding mothers who want to continue breastfeeding their infants while they are in child care face many barriers. A caregiver who is knowledgeable about proper handling, storage and feeding of breast milk and supportive of breastfeeding can make it possible for babies to continue to be fed breast milk when their mothers return to work or school.

Breastfeeding may be the single most important thing a mother can do to contribute to her baby’s healthy development. By offering information and support to breastfeeding mothers, you can do your part to give children and their mothers a significant health advantage.

Why support breastfeeding?

  • Breastfeeding is better for both mom and baby. Moms can’t give their babies the best nutrition without your help.
  • Breastfed babies are easier to care for because they don’t get sick as often, are less prone to spitting up, and are less likely to have constipation or diarrhea. Breastfed babies’ diapers have less odor.
  • Supporting breastfeeding can benefit your center or home financially. Breast milk is free, but meals containing breast milk are reimbursable by CACFP.
  • Supporting and promoting breastfeeding can help you market your child care center or home to families.

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