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"Parents need and want information - we can debate about 'how much information is too much too soon' and fret over whether they are understanding the information that they are given, but ultimately they have the right to the information and the responsibility to make decisions for their child. I think it is important to keep this in mind as we explore models for successful EHDI programs and evaluate information to be shared with parents and professionals."

Jeanne Hollabaugh Parent Communication Video (Also Embedded On This Page)

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The Importance Of Early Hearing Detection And Intervention

Listen to an interview with MN EHDI Coordinator, Nicole Brown.

Mom Enough co-hosts Marty and Erin Erickson explore the importance of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention. In the early months and years of life a child is learning by leaps and bounds. And much of that learning happens through language and communication. So how early - and by what means - can you tell if a child is deaf or hard of hearing? And what are the options for early intervention to help the child and family build on ways of communicating and learning? (Source: MomEnough)

Resources To Share With Families

Materials marked with * are available to order free-of-charge on the Minnesota Newborn Screening Program website.

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Before or during screening

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After diagnosis

BabyHearing.Org: Language and Learning(English)(Spanish)

Roadmap for success

Create and maintain a care map outlining expected care through the first year of life.

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Timely referrals to appropriate providers are critical for reducing loss to follow-up.

Resources for families

How early - and by what means - can you tell if a child is deaf or hard of hearing?