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How to Enroll in the MnVFC Program

Thank you for your interest in the Minnesota Vaccine for Children (MnVFC) program. Our state program works with the federal VFC program to make vaccines accessible and affordable for eligible children. In Minnesota, we distribute approximately $46 million worth of vaccines to public and private clinics each year.

Before starting the enrollment process, go to the MnVFC Required Reports and Trainings page and review the appropriate MnVFC Policies and Procedures Manual (Separate Stock or Replacement Method) to help you understand the requirements for participating in the MnVFC program. Note: If you are not sure which method your site would use, review the Separate Stock manual.

The enrollment process

  • Call the MnVFC program at 651-201-5522 to provide contact information and to discuss your request to join the program.
  • After speaking with a member of our team, a MnVFC Policies and Procedures Manual will be mailed to you, plus you will receive an email outlining your next steps:
    • Complete the MnVFC online training.
    • Complete the Provider Profile for Initial Enrollment in MnVFC.
    • Complete the MnVFC Provider Agreement.
  • Enrollment forms will be reviewed for completeness. We will notify you if any information is missing. When complete, a MnVFC site reviewer will contact you to schedule an enrollment visit. This visit covers all aspects of the MnVFC program, including looking at your storage unit(s) and temperature monitoring.
  • Once the enrollment visit is done and CDC/MnVFC requirements are met, we will send you a welcome letter that includes a PIN allowing you to order MnVFC vaccine. Place your first order for MnVFC vaccine within 90 days from your initial site visit. If you wait longer, you will need to re-enroll in the program.
  • All sites are encouraged to enroll in the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC), the state immunization registry. If you need to enroll in MIIC or are unsure if your site is currently enrolled, contact the MIIC Help Desk at 651-201-5207 or
    • Note: Pharmacy sites are required to enroll in MIIC.
Updated Monday, 06-Jan-2020 13:39:55 CST