Immunization Delivery in Pharmacy Settings - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Immunization Delivery in Pharmacy Settings

Below are resources specific to pharmacists. For general guidance, see Immunization Best Practices.
  • MIIC and Pharmacies
    Minnesota law requires pharmacists to use MIIC to assess patient immunization status before giving any immunizations, except for influenza if given to patients nine years and older. Pharmacists are also required to fulfill their immunization reporting requirement by reporting all administered vaccine doses to MIIC. MIIC is a confidential, computerized system that collects immunization records for Minnesota residents across the lifespan. MIIC combines immunizations a patient has received into a single record, even if the shots were given by different health care providers in the state. MIIC makes it easy for pharmacies to ensure their patients are up-to-date on their immunizations and that patient immunization records are complete and accurate. Watch a short video at this link to learn more about how pharmacists use MIIC.
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