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MIIC and Pharmacies

The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) makes it easy for pharmacies to ensure their patients are up-to-date on their immunizations and that patient immunization records are complete and accurate. Minnesota law requires pharmacists to use MIIC to assess patient immunization status before giving any immunizations, except for giving influenza to patients nine years and older. Pharmacists are also required to fulfill their immunization reporting requirement by reporting all administered vaccine doses to MIIC.

MIIC in Pharmacy Settings (4:13 video)

What is MIIC?

The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) is a confidential, computerized system that collects immunization records for Minnesota residents across the lifespan. MIIC combines immunizations a patient has received into a single record, even if the shots were given by different health care providers in the state. This helps ensure correct and timely vaccinations.

MIIC is available at no cost to authorized users, such as health care providers, hospitals, public health agencies, pharmacies, schools, and child care providers. Nearly all primary care providers in the state participate in and rely on MIIC for the most complete and accurate immunization records.

How do pharmacies use MIIC?

MIIC is an easy tool that is used in pharmacy practice to help coordinate patient immunization care.

Pharmacies are required by law to use MIIC to:

  • View immunization history for each patient before vaccine administration, except for influenza vaccine if given to patients nine years and older.
  • Review recommended vaccines based on patient's exact age and immunization history before vaccine administration, except for influenza vaccine if given to patients nine years and older.
  • Report all administered vaccine doses.

Pharmacies can also use MIIC to print an official copy of a patient’s immunization history.

How do pharmacies enter immunizations into MIIC?

By fulfilling the legal requirement to report all administered vaccines into MIIC, pharmacies help ensure that patients' records are more complete. There are two primary methods for entering data into MIIC, including:

  • Direct data entry while logged into the MIIC application.
  • Data exchange (electronic transfer of data) between a practice management system or electronic health record and MIIC.

Data exchange eliminates the need to enter immunization data in both a practice management system/ electronic health record and MIIC. For more information visit Submitting and Exchanging Data with MIIC.

What about privacy?

Protecting the privacy of individuals is important. MIIC is password-protected, confidential, and can only be accessed by authorized user groups listed in the Minnesota Immunization Law.

Pharmacies that participate in MIIC must sign a data use agreement that details the allowable uses and they must ensure that the pharmacy will maintain the client’s privacy. Additionally, parents or individuals can choose to opt out of MIIC if they wish.

For more information on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and immunization reporting to MIIC see Immunization Data Sharing, HIPAA, and MIIC.

How do I find out more about participating in MIIC?

Enrolling in MIIC is easy and free for pharmacies. Contact the MIIC Help Desk at health.miichelp@state.mn.us to get started.

See additional resources at Immunization Delivery in Pharmacy Settings.

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