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MIIC and the Public

The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection is a system that stores electronic immunization records. MIIC helps make sure Minnesotans get the right vaccines at the right time.

What is MIIC?

MIIC is a statewide immunization information system that stores electronic immunization records for Minnesota health service providers and for the public. MIIC combines immunizations a person has received into a single record, even if the shots were given by different health care providers in the state. MIIC helps make sure Minnesotans get the right vaccines at the right time.

The Web-based application is available to participating health care providers, public health agencies, schools, and child care centers in Minnesota to look up immunization histories and view recommended vaccinations. MIIC also offers parents and individuals an easy way to keep track of immunization records for school, child care, and employment.

What are the benefits of MIIC?

  • It helps your health care provider know which vaccines are due and when.
  • It helps make sure you or your child does not receive the wrong vaccine or the same vaccine twice.
  • It provides schools and child care centers information about your child’s vaccination record.
  • It provides you with a copy of your child’s or your own vaccination record. This can help you with requirements for school, child care, or employment.
  • It makes it easier for you to receive reminders about vaccines if you want them.
  • It helps identify those at risk for vaccine-preventable disease in case of outbreaks.

What data is in MIIC?

MIIC records contain the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Contact information
  • Parent or guardian’s name
  • Vaccine history, including vaccine type, manufacturer, and lot number if submitted
  • Vaccine recommendations
  • Medical reasons why someone should not have vaccines

What about privacy of data in MIIC?

Protecting the privacy of individuals is of paramount importance to MIIC and the Minnesota Department of Health. MIIC is password-protected and accessible only by authorized users as specified in law. The data in MIIC is classified as private and protected by the Minnesota Immunization Data Sharing Law, Minnesota Statutes, Section 144.3351. Organizations participating in MIIC must sign an user agreement that outlines the privacy and security terms for authorized users. 

How did my or my child's data get to MIIC?

Participating health care providers view and submit data to MIIC about immunizations an individual has received. Additionally, MIIC receives information on births in the state from the Minnesota Department of Health Office of Vital Records. Data for newborn babies and individuals receiving shots are entered into MIIC unless a parent or individual opts out.

Parents/guardians and individuals with records in MIIC are notified in multiple and ongoing ways. For example, the Parent Notice of the official birth record includes a statement that information from the birth record will be provided to the immunization information system. If a parent/guardian prefers to not participate, they may call or fill out an online request form to opt-out. Additionally, participating health care providers are required to provide notification materials to their patients such as brochures, displays, and/or statements regarding MIIC which include information about opting out.

Who can see my or my child's record in MIIC?

The only people who can see your shot records are those that are enrolled in MIIC and providing services to the patient. This include health care providers, organizations required by law to record immunizations for enrollment (such as child care centers or schools), and organizations providing services on behalf of the individual (such as a health insurance company).

Do schools have access to this data?

Yes, if they are enrolled in MIIC. Most schools can only look at records but cannot enter any shots in MIIC. This is in compliance with FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (a federal law on educational rights and privacy), which requires parental consent to release certain private educational information.

For more information on FERPA and what educational data is private, talk to your school or review The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Immunization Data.

Can I get my records or my child's vaccination records from MIIC?

Yes, parents and individuals may request immunization records from MIIC at any time. Parents and legal guardians may request records for their minor children (through age 17 years).

If the person is an adult (18 years and older), they are required to call MIIC and request their information. You will be asked to verify your identity and if the records are available, they can be sent to you via fax, mail, or secure email.

To request your or your child's MIIC record, see Find My Immunization Record.

Where can I learn more about data privacy and MIIC?

An individual may decide at any time to limit their participation in MIIC. Options include: choosing not to receive immunization reminders from the state and its public health partners, locking the record to a current health care provider so it is not accessible to other authorized users, or choosing to opt-out of participating altogether. For more information, see Data Privacy and MIIC Records.

Other questions about MIIC?

Every individual with demographic and/or immunization information in MIIC has a right to know that his or her information is in MIIC, who has access to it, for what purposes, and what to do if he or she has questions or wants to opt out of participating.

If you have more questions about MIIC, please contact the MIIC Help Desk at health.miichelp@state.mn.us.

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