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Participating in MIIC

Health care providers, schools, child care centers, health plans, and other organizations listed in Minnesota Statutes, 144.3351 Immunization Data are encouraged to participate in the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) to support immunization practice, monitoring, and improvement in Minnesota.

Pharmacies operating in Minnesota are mandated to use MIIC to assess patient immunization status and report vaccination data.

Becoming a MIIC Participant

About MIIC provides general information about the system.

Email completed data use agreement and spreadsheet listed below to the MIIC Help Desk.

The MIIC Help Desk will contact you to confirm your enrollment and provide login information.

Identify which of the following key MIIC features your organization will likely use.

  • Patient/client immunization assessment: MIIC offers a comprehensive view of a patient's immunization history and forecasting of immunizations needed based on current Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) guidelines.
  • Patient/client immunization reports: MIIC offers a number of patient immunization reports, including a Vaccine Administration Record pre-populated with a patient’s demographic information and a comprehensive Minnesota Immunization Record that can be printed and given to a patient.
  • State-supplied vaccine ordering: Organizations participating in MDH vaccine programs, such as Minnesota Vaccines for Children (MnVFC), are encouraged to use Vaccine Ordering and Management in MIIC for their state-supplied vaccine.
  • Tools for immunization assessment, outreach, and quality improvement: MIIC offers Child and Adolescent Assessment Reports to monitor immunization rates within a provider's patient population, as well as Client Follow-Up tools to facilitate outreach to patients due or overdue for immunizations. For more information, see MIIC User Guidance and Training Resources.

If you don't have access to all the features you need with your current user role, contact the MIIC Help Desk for assistance.

Identify and (if applicable) register for the option your organization will use for Reporting Immunization Data to MIIC (PDF).

  • Manual data entry within the MIIC application: Manual data entry involves logging into the MIIC application, searching for a client, and entering immunization data on the client's record. For more information about manual reporting, see MIIC User Guidance and Training Resources.
  • Electronic data submission or exchange: Setting up an electronic data connection with MIIC involves mapping source system/Electronic Health Record (EHR) data elements to MIIC-recognized data fields, setting up a file extract from the source system/EHR, and supporting a transport mechanism for transferring data between the source system/EHR and MIIC. We recommend organizations consider two-way exchanges that allow data to flow from an EHR to MIIC and from MIIC to an EHR. Check out the benefits of setting up a two-way exchange at Exchange Data with MIIC (PDF). To register for an electronic data exchange with MIIC, visit Process for Working on Data Exchange with MIIC.

Once you have completed steps 1-4, you are ready to actively participate in MIIC!

  • Use the Immunization Materials Order Form to order MIIC materials. Organizations that participate in MIIC are responsible for informing their clients of their MIIC participation. Displaying MIIC materials is one way to fulfill this responsibility.

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