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Newborn Screening program Information:
Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee (NHSAC)

The Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee, also known as the Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) Advisory Committee, meets four times per year to discuss issues surrounding early hearing detection and intervention. Members of the mandated advisory committee include parents of children with a hearing loss, advocates with expertise in issues affecting people who are deaf and hard of hearing, health care providers, hospital representatives, and other medical and education experts. One of the main purposes of the advisory committee is to make informed recommendations for newborn hearing screening and hearing loss management. Meetings are open to the public.

Authorizing legislation

Please email with any questions or comments regarding the Advisory Committee on Newborn Hearing Screening.

Recommendations from the NHSAC Committee and Responses from the Commissioner

Medical Guidelines for Primary Care and Medical Home Providers

NHSAC Committee Membership

The commissioner of health shall appoint at least one member from each of the following groups with no less than two of the members being deaf or hard-of-hearing:

  • A representative from a consumer organization representing culturally deaf persons
  • A parent with a child with hearing loss representing a parent organization
  • A consumer from an organization representing oral communication options
  • A consumer from an organization representing cued speech communication options
  • An audiologist who has experience in evaluation and intervention of infants and young children
  • A speech-language pathologist who has experience in evaluation and intervention of  infants and young children
  • Two primary care providers who have experience in the care of infants and young children, one of which shall be a pediatrician
  • A representative from the early hearing detection intervention teams
  • A representative from the Department of Education resource center for the deaf and hard-of-hearing or the representative's designee
  • A representative of the Minnesota Commission Serving Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People
  • A representative from the Department of Human Services Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Services Division
  • One or more of the Part C coordinators from the Department of Education, the Department of Health, or the Department of Human Services or the department's designees
  • The Department of Health early hearing detection and intervention coordinators
  • Two birth hospital representatives from one rural and one urban hospital
  • A pediatric geneticist
  • An otolaryngologist
  • A representative from the Newborn Screening Advisory Committee under this subdivision
  • A representative of the Department of Education regional low-incidence facilitators
  • A representative from the deaf mentor program
  • A representative of the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf from the Minnesota State Academies staff

Meeting Agenda and Minutes


August 19, 2020

WebEx Link:

Meeting number: 146 679 6278
Meeting password: KRmYPdmX273

Audio connection:
+1-415-655-0003 United States Toll
1-855-282-6330 United States Toll Free
Global call-in numbers
Access code: 146 679 6278

CART and ASL Interpreting services will be available to participants. Members who would like to use CART and/or ASL interpreters will need to open both the WebEx meeting and access to CART and/or ASL Interpreters in a separate tab. 

Access to accommodations can be found here:


February 19, 2020

Open and Upcoming Appointments


Below are current vacancies for the Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee.

    Number of openings


    Term end date


    A representative from the Department of Human Services Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division

    January 2024


    A birth hospital representative from an urban hospital

    January 2024


    A pediatric geneticist

    January 2024

If interested, please visit the following website to apply for one of these open appointments:

Open Commissions and Appointments
Please include a cover letter, resume, and any other pertinent information you believe would be helpful in the selection process.

Upcoming Appointments

There are no upcoming appointments at this time.

Terms of Appointment

Advisors are appointed to the committee by the Minnesota Commissioner of Health. Appointed advisors serve four-year terms and can reapply at the end of their term. Appointments may be renewed indefinitely, at the discretion of the Commissioner.

Selecting Advisors

Selection is based on review of the applications by a Steering Committee for the Advisory Committees. Final selection of appointed advisors is made by the Minnesota Commissioner of Health.