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Newborn Screening Information for Providers

Contact Information for Providers

Providers can contact the Newborn Screening Program for routine inquiries and requests for materials at


For professional guidance and education, contact one of our genetic counselors at 651-201-3548. This number is also answered on nights and weekends for urgent patient issues.

Parent Education

Prenatal Education
Postnatal Education

Provider Education

Newborn Screening Education for Prenatal and L&D Providers (E-Learning Course, 0.5 CEU) (go to Newborn Screening Training page for information on registering)

<24 Hour Discharge Guideline (provides guidance about how to complete newborn screening for infants discharged from home before 24 hours of age)

Screening Cards & MNScreen

Ordering Screening Cards
Screening Card Instructions

Blood Spot Screening

Specimen Collection
Blood Spot Screening in the NICU
Blood Spot Screening Results

Hearing Screening

Hearing Screening in the Hospital
Hearing Screening in the NICU
Hearing Screening for Out-of-Hospital Births
Hearing Screening Results
Hearing Screening for Primary Care Providers
Hearing Screening for Audiologists

Pulse Oximetry Screening

Pulse Oximetry Screening in the Well-Baby Nursery
Pulse Oximetry Screening in the NICU