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MR&C for Hospital Birth Registrars

MR&C, Minnesota Registration & Certification, is our statewide vital records system. Birth registrars use MR&C to register births and fetal deaths. Funeral home staff and medical certifiers use MR&C to register deaths. Vital records offices issue certificates and other documents from MR&C. Complete the MR&C Birth Registrar and Facility User Agreement (PDF) to get a username.

If you are completely new to birth registration, email with "Attention Field Rep" in the subject line. In the body of the email, request access to the MR&C training environment. Include your first and last name, the facility you represent, and your work email address. In the training environment, you can enter a fictitious record for practice.

To add a birth attendant to MR&C, complete the Birth Attendant Application and Change Request (PDF).

Worksheets and Instructions

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