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Health Regulation Division Public Hearings

In June 2021, the Minnesota Legislature passed legislation that requires hospitals and other facilities to notify the public and participate in a public hearing before they do any of the following:

  • Close a facility or campus
  • Stop offering certain services
  • Move certain services to a new location

These services include:

  • Maternity care and newborn services
  • Intensive care unit services
  • Inpatient mental health services or
  • Inpatient substance use disorder treatment services

The Minnesota Department of Health works with the facility to host a public hearing as outlined in Minnesota Statutes Section 31.This statute gives MDH the authority to hold the meeting and to inform the public but not to change, delay or prevent the proposed changes, closures or relocations.

Hearing Information

Hearings are scheduled within 45 days of MDH receiving the notice from the facility, and will include:

  • An explanation of the reasons for the proposed changes
  • Actions the facility will take to make sure area residents continue to have access to the services that are being changed
  • Time for the public to make comments and ask questions about the proposed changes
  • Time for the facility representatives to respond to questions

You can find hearing information on the list below that includes:

  • The proposed changes
  • How to attend and participate in the hearing
  • How to submit comments or questions for review

Upcoming Hearings

MDH received notification from the following facilities indicating that they plan to change the services that they are offering. Click the name of the facility to see more detailed information about the hearing.

Allina Health Regina

The Minnesota Department of Health will host a public hearing on November 18, 2021, at 6 PM (via WebEx) for the relocation of labor and delivery services from Regina Hospital in Hastings to The Mother Baby Center at United Hospital and Children’s Minnesota in St. Paul.

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