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Lead Poisoning Prevention

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Surveillance Report

This report is an overview of blood lead testing data reported to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). MDH maintains a blood lead surveillance system to monitor trends in blood lead levels in adults and children in Minnesota. The data are used to help identify populations at risk for elevated blood lead levels, ensure screening services are provided to groups with a high risk of lead poisoning, and ensure environmental and medical follow up are provided to children with elevated blood lead levels. Previous surveillance reports are available upon request.

Minnesota's Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs: Report to the Legislature

This report provides a brief overview of public health concerns associated with lead exposure. It documents activities related to identifying and preventing lead poisoning, presents the status of current funding sources, and evaluates likely future directions for Minnesota Department of Health lead programs. Previous reports to the legislature are available upon request.

2010 Childhood Lead Poisoning Elimination Plan

The 2010 Childhood Lead Poisoning Elimination Plan was first released in 2004, and was updated semi-annually through 2010. The Plan was created with the Advisory Work Group, with the goal of creating a lead-safe Minnesota where no children have elevated blood lead levels by the year 2010. Historically, the Minnesota Department of Health had worked to enhance early identification and follow-up services for children who had been exposed to lead. The 2010 Elimination Plan focuses on expanding efforts to prevent children from being exposed to lead by reducing or eliminating sources of lead in the childhood environment, and it addresses the transition of Lead Programs to Healthy Homes approaches. Versions of the 2010 Childhood Lead Poisoning Elimination Plan are available upon request.

The Economic Burden of the Environment on Two Childhood Diseases: Asthma & Lead Poisoning in Minnesota

This report focuses on two important environmentally-related health conditions in Minnesota’s children: asthma and blood lead poisoning. It documents the economic cost of both conditions in one year, 2010, from current surveillance data and estimates the fraction that is attributable to environmental causes. The Minnesota Environmental Public Health Tracking Program collaborated with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Asthma Program and the MDH Lead and Healthy Homes Program on this report.

Elevated Blood Lead Levels in the Minnesota Medicaid Population

This report presents the results of a joint effort between the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to examine the lead testing and elevated blood lead level rates for Minnesota children. This project links MDH Blood Lead Information System data with DHS data for children under age 6 enrolled in Minnesota’s Medicaid programs (Minnesota Health Care Programs, or MHCP).

Minnesota Public Health Data Access

Find data about public health and risk factors that impact public health at Minnesota Public Health Data Access, a web-based data access portal. The portal includes data on childhood lead exposure and other issues that affect public health in Minnesota.

To request previously published reports or make a data request, visit the MN Public Health Data Access Portal or call 651-201-4896.

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